Lenny and Larry’s

  • Website Redesign
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Merchandise
  • Trade Show and Partnerships
  • Vendor Commercial



When I began, the company’s website was managed by an outside vendor.This site crashed frequently and lacked both product mgmt/warehouse support and social media hooks. After consultation with the Director of marketing, we settled on a custom implementation over an out-of-the-box solution such as Magento. We needed a light layout with fun graphic elements that reflected the character of the company. I concentrating on standardized functionality and developed desktop and mobile layouts that would provide flexible marketing areas with a shop first focus. The first draft was live within three weeks. Further adjustments were made to better support SEO efforts and social signals. It was helpful that I was also working to redefine displays and other marketing elements as it allowed a top down marketing focus introducing new iconography thereby lightening the wordiness of marketing materials.


I was asked to create a set of fun and eye catching displays for the companies newest cookie flavors. The challenge was to prioritize the yum value of the product over text heavy messaging and dark designs of the past. Messaging, concept, design, layout and die-cut.


This fun loving cookie company needed fun merchandise to go with it.


It was important to match the character of trade show displays with point of purchase to create a unified brand image.



Six Flags Magic Mountain. I provided the original concept, script and interfaced with the vendor. In post, I cut directors edit down to the 30 second mark, provided the product shot and lower third