Logos and Business Identity packages

Logos and corporate ID packages

A brands identity is built on the distilled “take-away message” as viewed by the public. A cohesive brand presentation offers a strategic advantage, allowing the organization to express 5 brand objectives:

  • Differentiation: stand out from the competition
  • Relevance: offer a context into which consumers can live
  • Coherence: reaffirm your brand promise in all you do & say
  • Loyalty: build brand value though promises fulfilled
  • Momentum: stay current, responsive, and innovative

Successful branding creates lasting value in the minds of your audience.

  • Messaging: The “voice” of the brand’s We create statements should communicate clearly to audiences of all types.
  • Design: We develop meaningful, culturally appropriate identity design frameworks for enhanced visual impact.
  • Naming: We create ownable, memorable names for organizations, products and brands.
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David Riggs is an artist and marketing expert in Los Angeles CA. When he isn't designing market driving creative art for his clients, he is probably spending time with his family creating music or teaching the next generation of "jedi" in American Arnis.
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