The networker

Putting the power of referrals to work for you.

You are good at what you do. Your business is well established. You have lots of satisfied customers. All you need is a little word of mouth…

The networker package transforms a simple website into a marketing platform. It will be used to broadcast your professional opinions and experience. It will allow you to share issues that are important to your customers and fellow professionals. It will build your value, providing customers with a reason to not only share your messages with friends and family, but also to return and do business with you again and again.

Building an effective marketing platform begins with an in-depth consultation with your Project Manager -you’ll be hearing a lot from him as he oversees pre-production later during weekly consultations where he will help shape your offers and messages every week to coincide with your marketing objectives. In your first meetings he will walk through the needs of your brand and product lines to establish which features and presentation elements would best satisfy your current customer base and marketing objectives.

Within 2 weeks

  • Your site will be fully planned in outline form.
  • You will have a completed marketing calendar that schedules events throughout the year.
  • We will have established the “tone” of communication (demographic targeting) and design direction in the form of exchanged photos, textures, visual motifs.

Your responsive website (adjusts to phones, tablets and desktop devices) will go into production. All special content (product photos, videos, general photos, original logos or electronic media) will have been delivered to us. (See your project manager to work out details of creating these if they do not yet exist.) Your participation is important to timely completion.

  • Custom graphics including integrated slide-shows, video players or more.
  • Your 10 product online catalog with shopping cart integration. Can use Paypal, and other gateways. (See your Project Manager to add additional products.)
  • Membership features will be added for VIP functionality.
  • Back link to your primary social media accounts.
  • Mail list system to catch visitor info and for regular promotions.
  • 4 static pages (typically the home page, an about us page, a contact us page a Policy page and another page of your choosing.
  • 3 blog categories will be created -each to cover a different aspect of your business’ marketing needs – Company news and events, Promotional offers, and niche articles. Each of these will be used to improve your keyword density and SEO ranking and create back-linking opportunities later in the program.

Ready to go live?

You’ll review your entire site and proofread it for errors or things that may be inconsistent with your normal business practices. Once approved, your new website will be listed with the top 15 search engines and you can share it with your customers. But that’s not all…

What makes this program the powerhouse that it is is that we take over your promotion and make it happen on schedule to support your business. Your Project Manager will remain in touch with you every step of the way so we can continue to provide the best service possible.

  • We’ll build an annual marketing schedule that makes sense for your business.
  • We’ll check in with you weekly adjusting articles and messaging to fit your current business needs.
  • Every week, we’ll create 1 keyword rich article for your business niche, intended to improve your SEO ranking while positioning you as an expert in your field.
  • Using that article as an anchor, we’ll deliver it to your social media channels (Facebook, G+, Linkedin and Twitter) and follow it up with content that will inform, entertain and create buying opportunities buy keeping you visible 7 days a week with posts including Company news, events, product/service offers,and by sharing content that helps you appear connected to the world around you.  This creates a dynamic loop where the content on your site is validated by the social network and shared beyond your immediate circle (customers) helping your business grow.

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David Riggs is an artist and marketing expert in Los Angeles CA. When he isn't designing market driving creative art for his clients, he is probably spending time with his family creating music or teaching the next generation of "jedi" in American Arnis.
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