The kick starter

Business development package.

Get your site up and doing business fast. The kick starter package is perfect for a small start-up. We not only design a great looking site, but will provide all the basic pages and content* that will define your business to the world.

Your new website begins with an in-depth consultation with your Project Manager -who will be with you every step of the way with weekly check ins and opportunities for customization and approval during the design process. We’ll walk through the needs of your brand and product lines to establish which features and presentation elements would best satisfy your current customer base and marketing objectives.

Within 2 weeks

  • Your site will be fully planned in outline form.
  • We will have established the “tone” of communication (demographic targeting) and design direction in the form of exchanged photos, textures, visual motifs.

Next, we begin building your responsive website(adjusts to phones, tablets and desktop devices) and require all special content (product photos, videos, general photos, original logos or electronic media) be delivered to us. (See your project manager to work out details of creating these if they do not yet exist.) Your participation is important to timely completion. Once these all are available to us the real work begins as we build your site.

  • Custom graphics including integrated slide-shows, video players or more.
  • Your 5 product online catalog with shopping cart integration. Can use Paypal, and other gateways. (See your Project Manager to add additional products.)
  • Back link to your primary social media accounts.
  • Mail list system to catch visitor info and for regular promotions.
  • 5 static pages (typically the home page, an about us page, a contact us page a Policy page and another page of your choosing.
  • 1 blog category on your business niche to improve your keyword density and SEO ranking.

Ready to go live?

You’ll review your entire site and proofread it for errors or things that may be inconsistent with your normal business practices. Once approved, your new website will be listed with the top 10 search engines and you can share it with your customers.

Part of what makes our services different from most web developers is that we really care about our customer’s success. Your Project Manager will remain in touch with you so we can continue to provide the best service possible.

  • Staff or other basic changes to the content of your website are done at no additional charge (excludes creation of new pages and content).
  • Each month (12 times a year) our content team will introduce 1 new keyword rich article on your business niche blog so both customers and search engines have a reason to visit your site.

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David Riggs is an artist and marketing expert in Los Angeles CA. When he isn't designing market driving creative art for his clients, he is probably spending time with his family creating music or teaching the next generation of "jedi" in American Arnis.
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