4 Ways to Start Your Business Online

Many business owners see a website as a digital brochure, but done properly it can be a cornerstone of your business structure by promoting your brand, automating office functions and generating sales -long after your last employee has packed up and turned off the lights.

But, before you start a business online, its important to dispel a few myths.

    1. Creating a great website is about function. It should be easy to navigate, automate common tasks and ultimately provide value to your customers.
    2. Cutting edge technology (the cool factor) can be amazing, but what is cool today may not be cool tomorrow. Flash and other specialized programs each has its place, but your business’ website is a terrible place to test them. Why? More people every day are staying connected to the internet via phones and other smart devices. Operating systems (Apple, Android, Linux and windows to name a few) are still battling over which programs to support on mobile devices and desktops. Flash (due to large download sizes) has been omitted from Apple products from the start. Android withdrew support for it in 2013. If you really want something “cool” concentrate on things that work for everyone.
    3. You can do amazing things with automation but you’ll still need a team to deliver your service.
    4. People won’t find your website unless you market it intelligently including the strategic use of content, advertising and affiliates.
    5. Marketing can be done cheaply on the internet. Bad marketing can cost you a lot of money on the internet.

At Click Brilliant, we focus on delivering quality service. There is no reason for you -the business owner- to learn a new programming language or manage the creation of content. We are expert at starting online businesses and can custom tailor a package to fit your needs

Free 30 minute consultation

At Click Brilliant our holistic marketing approach results in great websites, promotions and ads without forcing you to learn how to code, design or write dazzling sales copy. Our skilled project managers and creative staff will shape your ideas into high quality content, using the syntax and structure that satisfies both potential buyers and search engines. Learn more

Kick Starter

Get your site up and doing business fast. This introductory package is perfect for a small startup. We not only design a great looking site, but will provide all the basic pages and content* that will define your business to the world. Learn more


Leverage the approval of your best clients, and grow your business. Building on the foundation of the Start-up, the networker uses carefully targeted articles, reposts and offers to create a self-sustaining communication network. Learn more


Reach beyond your customer base through targeted online advertising. Includes all the features of the Kick Starter and Networker programs and adds managed Facebook, Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter support. Learn more

Or for more on developing your brand and ala cart services, Click here

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David Riggs is an artist and marketing expert in Los Angeles CA. When he isn't designing market driving creative art for his clients, he is probably spending time with his family creating music or teaching the next generation of "jedi" in American Arnis.
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